Cloud Server Hosting

DinoMyte CRM Software Services Provides A Wide Range Of Services, Including cloud server hosting

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Host your entire business environment in our secure cloud
  • 100GB SSD

  • $190monthly
    • 4 CPU
    • 8192MB Memory
    • 4000GB Bandwidth
    • CRM Subscription Additional

  • 200GB SSD

  • $360monthly
    • 6 CPU
    • 16384MB Memory
    • 5000GB Bandwidth
    • CRM Subscription Additional

  • 300GB SSD

  • $720monthly
    • 8 CPU
    • 32768MB Memory
    • 6000GB Bandwidth
    • CRM Subscription Additional

  • 400GB SSD

  • $1420monthly
    • 16 CPU
    • 65536MB Memory
    • 10000GB Bandwidth
    • CRM Subscription Additional

Are IT Matters costing your company too much time and resources, and would you consider a partner to save you money with all things IT?  Do you have a disaster and recovery plan in place in case the unthinkable happens? Are you utilizing On-Premise Servers and want to see what a cloud server environment can do for you in terms of speed, security, remote performance, and cost savings?


VPS Server, Secure, Simple, and Performance Driven IT Environment


DinoMyte Software  Services currently has environments deployed throughout six regions over the continental U.S. and can deploy international instances as well.  You will enjoy security, speed, performance, and peace of mind with our simple and secure VPS servers.


Managed Shared Hosting For Additional Cost Savings


Managed Shared Hosting allows you to leverage a hosted environment and offset the costs of having dedicated hardware and resources to host your critical applications. With our Managed Shared Hosting, we provide a secure and safe environment for your applications while allowing you to share in the cost savings of a managed IT environment.


Cloud Server, Any Instance, Any Size, Any Configuration


DinoMyte Software manages cloud server instances for clients across all regions of the U.S. Our clients leverage our resources to deploy cloud servers that meet the security, configuration specifications, and size, for any business activity imaginable. We can scale our cloud server environments at any time to scale to the needs of our clients. This allows your IT environment to always be top performing while maintaining the flexibility to meet any technology need of the company while ensuring predictable and manageable costs.


Manage Dedicated Server, No Noisy Neighbors, Dedicated Resources


DinoMyte Software Services can deploy Dedicated Cloud Server instances for your organization at your request. A Dedicated Cloud Server instance allows you to have a dedicated server that isn’t a virtual server. This allows you to customize your configuration and gives you the ability to take advantage of custom tools and configurations while enjoying dedicated resources utilized just by you for speed, performance, maintenance and security.


DinoMyte Software Services can build and deploy the right IT environment for your business. Our professional consultants are experts in the building and maintenance of IT infrastructures capable to running your entire business.  Our services include Secure Colocation, Backup and Recovery, Disaster Recovery, Hybrid Clouds, Business Clouds, Virtual Data Centers, Compliance, Professional Services, Help Desk Services, Infrastructure Monitoring, as well as Hosting for Managed Servers, Databases, Websites, and Applications.


DinoMyte Software Services are world class experts when it comes to building and supporting your IT and Server infrastructure. We recognize this is the backbone to your business and should be taken very seriously. Inquire today to find out how we can help you build or maintain your IT and Server Infrastructure today. Our expert consultants can help your business reach your IT goals.